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suspended swinging sex bed for effortless enjoyment

~ Please contact if you need info to help build your own ~

swinging bed

Whatever age you are, this swinging sex bed will revolutionize your sex life ... it's absolutely fantastic.

A few minutes to set up ~ 2 mins to take down ~ and needs only 3 reliable fixing points.

With this swinging bed you can make love together, but with one lover standing or sitting. You just rock the bed gently back and forth or from side to side and enjoy really effortless fun. A seated lover can just tuck thier knees underneath at the side or end of the bed enabling you both to be 'close' to one another.

The lying lover just relaxes back to be pleasured or takes control and operates the forward and backward movement by applying light foot pressure against the suspension webbing. She or he can then easily control the length, depth and speed of thrust. It really is wonderful effortless sex.

swinging bed reverse

To add a bit of glitz, this model is edged with jet black perspex secured with chrome mirror screws and decorated with silver plated or gold plated chain.

A less expensive version with soft padded edges and unadorned cushions is also available. For clubs and photographic purposes, the model above looks great ... for home use, the simpler, more affordable padded version is perfect ... that's the one we recomend.

Both models have a nice wide front pocket ... for oils ... toys ... bus passes!

The cushions are the same as you'll find on the Fondling page. So with this bed you get both designs in one package.


bed iso

The bed base is only 1" deep or 25mm, so it can be slipped under your bed for storage or leant against the wall. The webbing and rings are just popped in a drawer or hung somewhere.


bed end on

No sharp corners ... it has nylon protectors. All it needs is 3 reliable fixing points to hang the rings from. Using the sliding cam buckles the bed height is then adjusted to suit your preferred height, angle of tilt ... and your erotic needs. That only takes a few seconds ... the adjusting ... not your erotic needs.


bed steel ring

3 Super strong stainless steel O rings support the entire bed. 3" ... 75mm. They require 3 sturdy and secure fixings to hook over.


bed cam buckle

Although only an inch wide, these quick-adjust buckles and webbing are so strong they are used to secure bouncy castles and commercial freight ... they can safely support over 300 kgs ... that's more than 600 lbs. The bed is supported by 3 of these giving it a massive payload, but it is designed to hold one person only. They have been tested 100's of times ... have never slipped ... and boy ... was it fun!



Should you require discretion about any fixings you may install, this NHS 'pull you up' bed hoist can be supplied free with The Swinging Bed. Just request it in the 'additional' box when ordering and it will be included with your furniture at no extra charge. One thing though ... beware if any grand children spot this ladder ... you'll never get them out of the room!

Maximum user weight 114kg (17.5 stone). This ladder is not suitable for swinging on ... it is just for pulling oneself up in bed.


I'll say it again ... whether you are young or old, this suspended sex bed will revolutionise your sex life.

swinging bed

The SilverSex swinging sex bed helps couples have effortless sex and is perfect for a standing or seated lover.

If you decide to try & make these designs yourself, please email for any info or building tips I can help you with...I don't have plans but I do have a lot of info & experience.

Prices before tax and shipping ...

Model with padded edges and no chains: £840.00

Model with chains, perspex and mirror screws: £940.00

UK: including VAT and 24 hour delivery: £1008.00 and £1128.00

EU: including VAT and insured airmail shipping: £1038.00 and £1158.00

USA and rest of the world: including insured air mail: £930.00 and £1030.00

The Swinging Bed

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The Swinging Bed - Padded Model

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Please email with lots of questions so that I can help with all the info you need

If you prefer, ring +44 (0) 1597 811 117 or better 07717 474 584


Please observe the weight information and do not exceed this.
Be absolutely certain the bolts, hooks or eye screws you use are a good known brand, are purchased from a reliable source and are secured to strong ceiling joists or beams.
For safety and common sense, regularly inspect and test all fixings, buckles and webbing.
Do not suspend the bed at a height greater then the waist height of the standing lover.
For ease of getting on or off comfortably, and as a general safety precaution, the bed is best suspended over or beside your conventional bed or with a soft surface below it.

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