Silver Sex

furniture that helps people in agony have great sex

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OK, everything was going great; we were over 50, but we were still walking miles, working miles, loving miles ... a great energetic lifestyle. Suddenly ...Whammmm! ... I developed full on Rheumatoid Arthritis! Total agony! Registered Disabled! It ruined our love life.

I had been designing and making furniture for over 30 years, so I figured I could surely think of a way to get around the problem and improve our lifestyle. So I started designing furniture that took the gymnastics out of sex. Designs that enables lovers to be intimate whilst standing or sitting. These designs have helped us a lot ... they could help you too.

This furniture takes many hours to handmake & is therefor not cheap. If you want to save money & make these designs yourself, please email for any info or building tips I can help you with. I have a lot of info & experience. All the best.

Although SilverSex furniture is designed to help semi disabled lovers, it's great for all ... whatever your age. If I got miraculously cured tomorrow we wouldn't stop using it ... the designs are just too much fun!






With the help of SilverSex furniture designs lovers of all ages with disabilities, especially elderly and semi disabled lovers really can have terrific sex. Designs that can help you to have sex standing up and also have sex whilst seated.